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more inframation about linear vibrating screening:www.minescreening.com

01 Dec

Workers of the principle of Linear vibrating screen

Publié par alisa

Linear vibrating screen works Description: This machine use vibration motor as vibration excitation source, so that the material to be tossed in the sieve, while forward in a straight line, the material from the feeder into the screening machine feed inlet evenly through multi-layer mesh sieve to produce several kinds of specifications was, under the screen, were discharged from their exports.

Linear vibrating screen works details:

1, Linear vibrating screen with dual vibration motor, two vibration motor do synchronous, reverse rotation, the eccentric excitation force generated cancel each other in a direction parallel to the axis of the motor, in a direction perpendicular to the motor shaft when the stacked as a force, and therefore the trajectory of the screening machine is a straight line.

2, the two motor axis relative to the screen surface with a dip in the joint effect of the exciting force and material self-gravity, the screen surface material was tossed leap forward in a straight line, so as to achieve the purpose of material screening and grading It can be used to automate pipeline operations.

3, Linear vibrating screen with low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure no dust features. Highest screening mesh 400 mesh, can screening of seven kinds of different particle size of the material.

For more information about linear vibrating screen, please consult Xinhai linear vibrating screen manufacturers.

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more inframation about linear vibrating screening:www.minescreening.com