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01 Dec

Mine dewatering process requirements and control

Publié par alisa

Mine dewatering is essential for wet beneficiation processes. Dewatering concentrate dewatering, washing mine dewatering. Concentrate dewatering can accurately control the moisture, reducing ore loss; wash mine dewatering fine mud to reclaim valuable materials, improve recovery, reduce energy consumption.

Dewatering process include concentration, filtration and drying three main stages. Concentrated to improve filtration efficiency, and dried in order to further reduce the moisture, the drying process in our country beneficiation process less used.

Concentrate dewatering is based on the moisture content of the final product requirements, through concentration, filtration and drying three stages. Dewatering and filtration dewatering completed in concentrator and filter, respectively.

Concentrate dewatering concentrate not only precise control of water and reduce energy consumption, but also reduce the labor intensity jobs and improve working conditions.

Dressing dewatering system generally by the vacuum pump, concentrator, mine discharge valve, pulp lift pump, dewatering filter, concentrate electronic scales, drain liquid discharge cylinders and other equipment

Mine dewatering process is generally dominated by sieving, sedimentation, centrifugal sedimentation and filtration technologies. Among them, the sedimentation technique is divided into concentrate and clarification.

Mine dewatering process analysis

(1) simple and reliable hydrocyclone for pre-grading operations, can be obtained directly from the tailings yield of 65%, the concentration of 75% in line with the requirements of coarse grade dehydrated product filling, thus greatly reducing the subsequent dewatering operations processing of ore, Mine dewatering to reduce production costs.

(2) The granulation liquid hydrodynamic device newly developed granulation column, concentration of 17% to 20% of the hydro cyclone overflow efficient dewatering, significantly improves the filtration performance fine grade tailings, improve the efficiency of fine grade tailings filter press. Granulation column overflow water back into production use. Hydrodynamic granulator column with no power consumption, simple structure, good concentration effect granulation characteristics.

(3) Select the filter as a fine granulated product level further dewatering equipment, available water content lower than the vacuum filtration equipment filtration product.

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more inframation about linear vibrating screening:www.minescreening.com