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03 Dec

Flotation Process Overview

Publié par alisa

Flotation process is mainly used for sorting copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other metals, it can also be used in black metal and nonmetal roughing and selected. Flotation suitable for processing fine and micro-fine material, with other processing methods difficult to recover less than 10μm fine mineral particles, can also use the flotation process. Some specialized processing extremely fine particle flotation technology, recyclable lower size limit, superfine flotation and ion flotation technology can be recovered from the colloidal particles to form molecules, all kinds of substances ionic state. Flotation also optionally other pyrometallurgical intermediate products, volatile matter and slag useful components, process hydrometallurgy leaching residue and the precipitated product substitution, recycling chemicals and inorganic and organic substances in wastewater.

Flotation process scheme: edit

Flotation beneficiation process is one of the most important applications, more is very extensive. According to statistics, more than 90 percent of non-ferrous mineral flotation process are treated. In addition, also for ferrous metals, precious metals and non-metallic mineral beneficiation, even in recent years to purify water quality and other areas. You can clearly see from the above flowchart standard flotation process design in general minerals beneficiation process, is an important means of flotation machine flotation, the pulp after full pneumatic stirring, useful minerals enriched complete flotation operations. Important step in the process is the selection and operation of flotation reagents, so as to achieve good dressing purposes. Compared with other processing methods, flotation beneficiation of economic rationality, the effect is very good. NOTE: This process is designed according to the standard process technology, optimized design can be customized in different annual and requirements.

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more inframation about linear vibrating screening:www.minescreening.com