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01 Dec

Flotation cell in running should pay attention to the problem

Publié par alisa

Flotation cell is suitable for non-ferrous mineral sorting, such as copper, lead and zinc. Mainly used in the flotation process in the concentrator, it is a mineral flotation separation of basic mineral processing equipment.

Flotation beneficiation method to note:

1, the bubble mineralization. Mineral particles are selectively adhered to the bubble, which is the most basic flotation behavior. Usually easy to float the mineral nature and difficult to float called mineral floatability. The difference is the use of mineral flotation Flotability to sorting minerals. Because after the flotation reagent processing, you can change the mineral floatability, make you want to float the mineral can be selectively attached to the bubbles, so as to achieve the purpose of dressing.

2, pulp adjustment and flotation agent to join. The aim is to cause the difference between mineral surface properties that alter the wettability of mineral surfaces, regulating selective mineral surface, so that some mineral particles can be attached to the gas saturation, while others can not be attached to the bubble.

3, the stirring and caused a lot of bubbles. By means of a pneumatic Flotation cell stirring, resulting in pulp air dispersion to form a lot of bubbles, or cause to be dissolved in the air to form slurry micro full precipitation.

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more inframation about linear vibrating screening:www.minescreening.com