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26 Nov

GOLD flotation process|flotation process

Publié par alisa

Flotation concentrator processing gold rock gold mine beneficiation method most widely used, commonly used in the treatment of high floatability of sulfide gold-bearing ore minerals. Flotation process can maximize the gold enrichment to sulphide minerals, tailings can be directly discarded, low cost beneficiation

GOLD flotation process

Gold mineral flotation generally use a period of grinding - flotation process, the ore for non-uniform particle size can be used Khenpo floating stage grinding process. Widely used in China for some mill Floating - flotation processes to achieve useful minerals enrichment.

The grinding fineness gold deposit requirements

GOLD grinding fineness requirements, in general, for sulfide minerals wrapped in gold only sulfide ore monomer dissociation can be, but for the grinding fineness and Dan Liansheng gold veins on the need to reach gold monomer dissociation. At the same grinding fineness of a particular mineral it is determined by the test.

GOLD flotation process pulp density requirements

GOLD flotation principle is: flotation density, coarse grained mineral, often with darker pulp; the other hand, when the flotation density, fine grain size and slime when using more dilute slurry, crude selection doctrinal pulp, can guarantee access to higher recovery, featured with relatively dilute concentration, help to improve the quality of concentrate.

Other process conditions

In addition to fine grinding givers, affecting gold flotation process conditions also include pulp density, drug dosage, inflated the amount of flotation time and so need to experiment to determine.

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more inframation about linear vibrating screening:www.minescreening.com