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13 Nov

Flotation machine working principle and structure characteristics

Publié par alisa

Flotation machine, full name of "floating concentrator" beneficiation process is completed the flotation process machinery and equipment. In the flotation machine, the agent is added by stirring inflated to the separation of minerals purposes. Many structures in the form of flotation machine is mainly used for sorting copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other metals, can also be used in black metal and nonmetal roughing and selected, also widely used in industrial waste water purification plants in.
First, the flotation machine is mainly divided into five categories:
Types of gas precipitation flotation machine flotation machine, mechanical flotation machine, inflatable flotation machine or hybrid flotation machine, inflatable flotation machine.
(1) gas precipitation flotation machine
Gas precipitation flotation machine is mainly used for fine-grained mineral flotation and flotation de-oiled oily wastewater. (2) mechanical flotation machine (commonly known as A-type)
Pulp inflatable mechanical flotation machine and mixing is achieved by a mechanical stirrer, belonging to the outside air self-priming flotation machine, inflatable blender with a suction pump similar characteristics, both self-absorption and self-absorption air pulp.
Its characteristics are: 1, the cover is installed guide vanes 18 to 20; 2, impeller, cover, vertical shaft, intake manifold, bearings, pulleys and other components assembled into a whole; 3, installed in a circle around the trough erect fins prevent slurry vortex.
(3) inflatable agitated flotation machine
Its characteristics are: 1, easy to separate inflatable volume adjustment; 2, mechanical stirrer wear small; 3, sorting index is better; 4, low power consumption. 5, large inflatable effect; 6, to form a slurry within upwelling. (4) inflatable flotation machine
Inflatable flotation machine: 1, structural characteristics: no mechanical stirrer no transmission components; 2, inflatable features: inflator inflatable, bubble size is determined by structural adjustment inflator; 3, bubbles and pulp mixed characteristics: countercurrent mixing.
Purpose: treatment consisting of simple, high quality, easy to choose the coarse ore, sweep the election. Simple flotation column structure, small footprint, easy maintenance, easy to operate, saving power.

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more inframation about linear vibrating screening:www.minescreening.com